Youth-volunteers meeting

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Dear friends und supporters,

we are happy to share with you the wonderful emotions that we experienced with our youths and volunteers at our first group meeting of the year.  2015. This was our opening joint event for the New Year and we wanted the topic to be something that will give a positive start of the year. One of our volunteers is a Laughing Yoga instructor and she was willing to provide a Yoga class for the youths and volunteers. Together we decided that during the class she will also give some information on the importance to think positively, to laugh more often and how it influences to our body and minds as well as to be able to relax both our bodies and our minds. Development of such abilities could be really helpful in our everyday life when we encounter difficulties and have stressful situations. Having a clear and peaceful mind in crises situations can help you come to a solution more easily and without wasting time in panic and worry. During the class, the youths at first were a little bit reserved, but with the time they fully participated in the exercises. This was a completely new experience for the youths and we are really happy that at the end they thanked us for organizing such event and wished to have more meetings like this in the future.