Trainings for volunteers

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This weekend the trainings for volunteers of  “Step for Bulgaria” Foundation start within the project “Establishing Volunteers Network in support of Underprivileged Youth”, funded by the NGO Progremme in Bulgaria under the European Economic Area Financial Mechanism 2009-2014 (

The trainings are the first activity planned in the project aiming at building the volunteers’ capacity. Two types of trainings will be realized: initial and on-going. Six two-day trainings with 20 participants and one two-day out-of-office training with 45 participants will be held over the next 12 months. Topics for each specific training will be selected by the team of the foundation (for the initial module) and the requests of the volunteers, based on an analysis of their work with the youths and identified problem areas (for the on-going trainings).

Since September 2013 till present the Foundation managed to develop a network of 54 volunteer with different intensity of activity and forms of engagement in the activities of the Foundation, and requests from new candidates have been constantly received. All new candidate-volunteers will pass an initial training. Such training will be organized for the volunteers that joined the Foundation over the past two months (about 20 volunteers). On-going trainings are planned for the active volunteers who provide individual support to young people, who have grown up without parental care, within our Mentoring Program. The out-of-office training will also be a sort of a teambuilding, which will contribute to enhancing the feeling of belonging of the volunteers to the Foundation, our mission and values and strengthen the sustainability of their motivation for long-term commitment to our projects and programs.

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