Blazhka Dimitrova, a mentor

“Step for Bulgaria” gave me a lot! In “Step for Bulgaria” I feel like I am part of a team whose mission gives me a sense of satisfaction and meaningfulness of life. If you are looking for ways to help, to work with young people, to develop your own skills and qualities, to feel meaningful and useful, here is your place. It is inspiring to see how much you can influence and improve the environment in which we all live!

Ina Apostolova, a mentor

To be able to help somebody through tolerance, knowledge, skills, warmth and support – this is part of my mission as a mentor at “Step for Bulgaria”.

Ralitza Vasileva, a mentor

“Step for Bulgaria” is a great opportunity for everyone to meet new people, learn much for themselves and others and find lovely friends with young spirits. Being a mentor gave the chance to meet two magnificent girls. I would ever be grateful about that.

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