Monthly coordination meetings

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The project “Establishing Volunteers Network in support of Underprivileged Youth”, funded by the NGO Progremme in Bulgaria under the European Economic Area Financial Mechanism 2009-2014, (, continues.

We started the year with a monthly coordination meetings for volunteers. Coordination meetings are the second activity planned in the project. For the entire duration of the project 24 coordination meetings are planned, each volunteer will take part in at least half of them. Coordination meetings are a place where volunteers can freely share their successes and difficulties in working with young people, to share experiences with other volunteers and play different situations. Professional support that will be provided by the coordinator will assist them in overcoming stress and build their capacity to work with young people and improve their sense of success. The opportunity to share problems and get professional support by the coordinator, who leads the meetings, is a key to reducing stress and avoiding burnout syndrome. Our goal is to build a united and cohesive team in which to exchange experiences and ideas.

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