Movie Perspective

December 9th, 2014 | Step for Bulgaria

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The aim of the project “Movie Perspective” is to enable children and disadvantaged youth to look at the world through the example of heroes, characters and events of national and world cinema. Through the power of personal example, a person can be “pushed” to a change in the right direction; and the movies are unique because they present in a synthesized way the personal example of people with various life-stories.

Project “Movie Perspective” is entirely based on the film art as a mean to influence positively the development of children and young people who have grown up without parental care.

Within the project cinema meetings are held with the children and the youths. On each meeting a specially selected film is projected, followed by a discussion with the children and the young people about what they saw and how they felt during the film. The project enables children and youths to experience personally the film art by writing and filming their own scenario based on the personal experience of the participants and what was seen in the movies until that moment.

The purpose of this activity is children and young people not only to experience the film art, but also to learn to assume obligations and fulfill them, to work together with others, to establish an action plan for achieving a particular purpose and then enforce it.