Gabriela Danailova

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My name is Gabriela but if you want to call me in the street, you’ll probably need to use just Gaby. My life is full of laughter, letters, brilliant sentences and never ending searching of opportunities to make everything better. I am a journalist by profession and laughter yoga instructor by heart. Those two give me the needed balance in the best possible way. Volunteering is something I found an year and a half ago or it found me. Maybe that is the thing I am grateful the most in my life, because I have the opportunity to help for different causes. To be e mentor is really big step and I am making it as proudly as I can. To stand on that step you have to make a lot of effort and put in a lot of time, which I give with all my heart. I’ve been a mentor since December 2014 and I enjoy every minute I spend with my mentee.