We started working in Kostenets!

Now five young people from the city of Kostenets have their own mentors who help them with the difficult decision “What am I going to do after school?!? They discuss with them their future academic and professional development and give them some helpful practical advice. The five young people are from G. S. Rakovski vocational school and study in professional fields Tourism and Mechanical Engineering. We wish the new couples young person – mentor good luck! 🙂

Since the beginning of 2016 we expand the programme towards smaller residential areas, strongly driven by the belief that the young people there also need help in choosing a field of study and a future career path, in managing their personal finances and in taking decisions independently.

Why should there be volunteers ?!?

An answer to this question give the volunteer Irina and the teenager Andrey – both of them participate in the mentoring programme of the “Step for Bulgaria” foundation.

Our activities depend entirely on our volunteers and to us it is very important for them to find meaningful what they do. We believe that helping someone to become independent serves as a pretty good motivation!

You can watch the whole interview for the evening news of the Bulgarian National Television from HERE.

An award for everyone!

We told our youth about The Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award! Within one afternoon we went through all four directions of the Award: physical recreation, skills, service, adventurous journey. We drew careers and folded origami, we taught people, we jumped, we helped our buddies and we pitched tents!

And yes, it was a very amusing and enriching experience 🙂 We have already gathered the first people, willing to take part in the competition against themselves! We would like to express our cordial gratitude to our volunteers – Leaders in the Award! We would also like to thank The Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award – Bulgaria for their hospitality!

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