Become a mentor of a young person!

Become a mentor of young people – boys or girls aged 15 – 25, without parents, from needy families or with fewer possibilities, meet them twice per month and help them to cope with:

­- preparation for school;

– career guidance and professional fulfillment;

– overcoming real life problems, that the young people have to face in their family or social environment;

– the challenges of living on their own.

A couple of years ago the “Step for Bulgaria” foundation started developing a mentoring program providing assistance to young people. We have noticed that young people who are underprivileged or live in smaller residential areas have poorer access to educational and career opportunities, that people of the same age take for granted. Later on, this leads to serious difficulties associated with their professional orientation and career fulfillment. These are exactly the problems that we, the “Step for Bulgaria” foundation, address. Now we have expanded our mentoring program to the village of Gorna Malina and to the city of Kostenets, and soon we will start working in Vidin.

You can apply for our volunteer mentoring program by completing the questionnaire from HERE or by completing it through our mission at “Timeheroes”. The approved volunteers will also participate in a start up training taking place around the end of March/the beginning of April.

You can contact us by phone: 0878 577 135 or by e-mail:

A new board games meeting

We have found a very amusing and useful way of spending the mid-term break! 🙂

After the success of the previous board games meeting, we organised a new one. This time the girls from the “Agapedia” foundation enjoyed their time at the “Three trolls house” while at the same time acquiring skills such as goal setting and effective communication. We have noticed how wonderful team players they are. Well done to the people taking care of them!

Our project has been chosen for Project of the month

In February our project “Teaching life skills without parent”s which is on GlobalGiving (a donations platform) has been chosen for Project of the month! In February the Project of the month club members will donate for the project.

 Within the project we organize events for our youth and volunteers – trainings, visits of cultural events, board games sessions. We are very proud and happy that other people also believe in our cause and support it!

You can see/support the project:

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