We`ve also celebrated a prom

Hello, my dear friends! I am very delighted to share with you a story from the end of the last week. Our youths are graduating High school and for that reason SOS children villages had prepared for them a simple celebration with very cheerful atmosphere. And even better is that some of the youths want to continue with their education in the National Sports Academy and are motivated to develop. We wish them to be very healthy and very successful.


Youths-mentors meeting

Dear friends and supporters,

We can proudly publish more information about the latest meeting between our dedicated volunteer mentors and their mentees, part of Step for Bulgaria Mentor Programme.

We are extremely grateful to Hristo Panchev – our trainer-facilitator who developed and delivered yet another interesting and interactive workshop on personal finance management. Due to his efforts our youngsters are now familiar with terms from the world of the grown-ups such as pension scheme and savings account. The newly-acquired knowledge will, we hope, allow all participants to better manage their personal funds and invest more wisely in their continuous development and lifelong learning.

Hristo also introduced his own viewpoint on monthly spending and personal budget planning. Emphasis was put on the small everyday steps each and every one of us can make to improve his money management. After a brief discussion, a consensus was reached around the fact that most money per month are spent on rent and food. Our young participants also agreed that cooking your own meal makes it taste batter and allows you to experience a sense of accomplishment. Jivko, male, 17, put it upon himself to prepare banitsa for the next meeting.

We are grateful to all participants, our trainers and staff and hope to see everybody again soon.



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