Internship program

Step for Bulgaria is announcing an internship program for the following possitions: a comunication and making events intern and a making projects intern. The job is very interesting and it gives an opportunity for a future development in the sphere of the non-profit organisations. Furthermore, the work time is flexible. As for the foreign students who are willing to work with us, they can be paid by the Erasmus + program.

Obligations and responsibilities:

1. To take care of the fondations’s profils in the social networks(Facebook. Twitter, LinkedIn)

2. To create a comunnication strategy and a map for the broadcasting of the upcoming events

3. To be in contact with the new candidates and to keep in touch with the volunteers who are currrently working with us

4. To take care of the the documents in the records of our volunteers.


1. Skills for working with people with different social eperience

2. A good english level

We offer:

1. An opportunity for a real practical experience

2. A flexible working time

3. Our interns will recive a sertificate for their experience here.

4. Please, pay atttention that the possition is for volunteers for this moment

The candidates shall send a short motivation letter and a CV on our e-mail adress: e-mail:

A duration of the internship program – 1-3 months, Sofia

Work time: Flexible work time which makes the possition siutable for students and people who are working in shifts.

Training course: “Introduction to Couching 2”

Dear friends,

This Saturday was very exciting for the entire team of “Step for Bulgaria”. Our new office on Alabin 50A str. welcomed its first batch of volunteers. The training that inaugurated the facility broached the topics of what couching is, what it is good for, how it can be used effectively in youth work and how the methodology brings benefits to the mentors as well. Our participants had the chance to gain better insight and deeper knowledge building upon the knowledge and competences touched upon in the first edition of the training course.

The training was divided in several modules which included practical examples for evaluation questions and tools for value recognition among others. The new valuable information aside, looking at the results of the exercises, we found out some things about ourselves as well – we are actually happier than we realize.

This training course was delivered as part of the “Establishing Volunteers Network in support of Underprivileged Youth” financed under the NGO support programme of the financial mechanism of the European Economic Area framework programme for the 2009-2014 period.


This document is created with the  financial support of the NGO Programme in Bulgaria under the European Economic Area Financial Mechanism. The entire responsibility for the content of the document rests with “Step for Bulgaria” Foundation and under no circumstances can be assumed that this document reflects the official opinion of the European Economic Area Financial Mechanism and the Operatorof the NGO Programme in Bulgaria.

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