Training for volunteers

„Step for Bulgaria“ Foundation held an initial training for volunteers to work with underprivileged young people in the Mentoring Program of the Foundation. We learned and shared experience, but also had a lot of fun!
The Foundation team thanks the participants for their motivation and dedication with which they participated in the Program!
If you want to become a part of our team, do not hesitate to contact us!



This training was carried out with the financial and expert support of the National Alliance for Volunteers.


Donate an hour

The campaign “Donate an hour” is already coming to its end. We want to thank to our dedicated volunteers who participated as interviewers! Through them we were able to reach architects, government officials, developers, businessmen, artists, auditors, students, etc., who shared with us their experience and donated an hour.
The focus of the campaign this year was the promotion of volunteering to the business. The survey covered 5,000 people from across the country, of different sex, age, educational status and employment.


The survey is part of the campaign “Donate an hour” organized by the National Alliance for Volunteers for 12th consecutive year.


Spring Academy “Step into the Future!”

35 young people from Sofia, Gorna Malina, Gabrovo and Berkovitsa participated in Spring Academy STEP Bulgaria, which is part of the “Step into the Future”, funded by “Rainbow” Program. We laughed, we learned new things about ourselves and the world and now we are ready for new challenges together!
The aim of the program was to support the full involvement of young people in the world outside school and home, to develop abilities to adapt and opportunities for integration, but mostly to increase their own abilities, expectations and motivation for full and quality life .

Adventures and challenges in nature helped the group to become an effectively functioning team. Participants went through different stages of this process: the creation of communication rules in the group and the distribution of roles to build confidence between them.

The goal:

To develop skills for group-work and efficiency, communication skills, teamwork, tolerance, new and exciting friendships, build trust, shared enjoyment and learning, personal development and self-knowledge, leadership qualities, unforgettable experiences.

The method:

Practices and activities based on experiential pedagogy (learning through experience). The method includes the usage of different communication models and rules which help raise the communication and re-adaptation opportunities needed by young people for their future life. Develop faith in their own potential and importance for the detection of leadership qualities in them.

Expected benefits for participants:

– Real help and training for young people entering independent life through the development of personal potential, their tolerance for diversity, their creativity, their ability to build trust and concern for people and nature.
– Young people understand and reveal themselves and others, learn to respect differences and become more confident about the changes and challenges of life.
– Directing them to existing models of civil responsible behavior.
– Commitment and defend of adequate civic positions.
– Be directly involved in the changes and problems that concern them and to inform and involve the people around for their clear civil position.
– Self-awareness and personal development in an environment different than the ordinary one.
– Leadership development opportunities.

The program included many discussions on topics such as teamwork, common problems, tolerance, positive communication, leadership, mutual assistance, self- revelation, sharing, achieving trust, empathy. They helped the participants to reflect on their experiences and to see how to implement them in life.

The activities took place with the participation of the School of Adventure Reverso who helped us to make the experience unforgettable!

The project “Step into the Future!” of  “Step for Bulgaria” Foundation was realized  thanks to the support of  “Workshop for Civic Initiatives” Foundation under the “Rainbow” Program, with the financial support of the “Oak” and “Velux” Foundations.


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